A Different Kind of Magnetic Force

The law of attraction acts as the cohesive force that makes whole civilizations possible. It is the force that allows individuals groups of people to amass large sums of wealth. But unlike gravity, the law of attraction will only work for you if you know how it works.

Many theorists have used the imagery of the magnet to describe the law of attraction. The big difference between a regular magnet and the law of attraction is that the law of attraction will not attract the opposite of what you truly desire.

A predominantly positive magnet will attract objects with a negative charge and vice versa. If the law of attraction works in this manner, what will happen is when you are trying to manifest something good in your life, the opposite of what you want will be attracted. So if you wish to attract good health, you will end up attracting death. It is a good thing that when it comes to the law of attraction, like attract like.

Here’s a good example. Let me ask you – when was the last time that you were faced with a big, negative issue in your life? Now I want you to think about the lowest point during that time. What were you thinking about? What happened when you started thinking about the problem? Did the situation seem better of worse as you slowly submerged yourself into the negativity?

Ten out of ten will say that as they thought of their problems, the worse the problems seemed to be. That is the law of attraction in action. Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts. Positive thoughts will attract more positive thoughts. You are the magnet and everything you have right now in your life is the direct consequence of your own thoughts, emotions and desires.

When viewed in this light, our thoughts begin to take the central role in our lives. Many people think that thoughts are just thoughts – wisps of dust that have no bearing on our lives. Nothing could be farther from the thruth.

If you have disregarded your thoughts and true desires up to this point and you are extremly dissatisfied with your life, then you already know why you are extremely dissatisfied.

REMEMBER: the law of attraction works in every acpect of our life. If you live a generally unhealthy lifestyle, you attract disease and death. If you eat and live well, you attract health. Good attracts good as much as bad attracts more bad things.

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