The Law of Attraction is much more powerful than “methods” or “techniques” for getting wealthy, etc. The Law of Attraction redefines the horizon so that the second step, DETERMINATION can be carried out effortlessly.

The Law of Attraction is not a wishful thinking. It is not just positive thinking. Alone, thinking will not give you the things you want.

There must be an accompanying energy or action – this is called determination.

DETERMINATION is life itself – the combination of TIME, ENERGY and ACTION. Without determination, there will be stasis, emptines, nothing.

There would be nothing to achive and nothing to attain. There will emptiness through and through.

Many people choose not to follow through the process of determination, which is why manifesting wealth and health becomes impossible.

Even the Law of Gravity requires determination before it can do something for you. Before it can pull a pen to the ground, you must first conscioulsy drop it to the ground. Do you see the required actions before this invisible force can act upon our own actions? The same principle applies to the law of attraction.

How to become successful with Law of Attraction?


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