Are You on The Right Track in Life?

Some people are born with the innate ability to know whether or not they are on the right track. These people are usually naturally inquisitive and they know when to use their instincts. These people also know how to tie their thoughts with what they are feeling at the moment. In short – these individuals know how to use a finely tuned steering/guiding mechanism that every human being has.

This guiding mechanism is complex and yet, we all know how to use it from the day we are born. This is the reason why there has to be a degree of un-learning if you truly want to use the law of attraction to your advantage. People usually listen to their emotions lastly. In fact, people are sometimes more willing to listen to other people’s opinions than their own thoughts and emotions.

This is plain wrong – because if you listen to other people only and you forget to listen to your own guiding mechanism, you will simply be channeling the thoughts of other people. In some cases, this might be helpful – but if you are healthy and there is nothing preventing you from thinking clearly and making decisions on your own, then there is no reason for you to simply keep channeling other people’s thouhgts.

The law of attraction listen intently to you and you alone. You are ste star, the source of all the magnificent thoughts that are attracting parallel events and conditions in the Universe. Pay attention to your own analysis of what is happening to your own life and transmit positive images to the Universe so that this positivity can easily be reflected back to you.

Why are we paying attention to emotions anyway? Well, as we have already discussed, emotions are a magnificient indicator of what’s happening deep inside your mind. At any moment, a person has thousands of thoughts – but only a few can be examined consciously by a person. If you try to examine every thought in your mind, it will take days before you can even finish a fraction of all those thoughts.

Our guiding mechanism is very intelligent. It does not respond to minor or insubstantial thoughts. For example, thoughts like “I like donuts” will not trigger an emotional response in a person (unless the person is particularly passionate about donuts, which is beyond the norm). However, dominant thoughts (even the ones that we try to repress and suppress) will trigger emotional responses.

For example, let’s say mr. Example has ben a long-suffering employee in a small company. He has done his work well these past 5 years and yet, he has not been promoted even once. He feels underpaid but because of his financial obligations, he doesn’t want to entertain thoughts of leaving the company – because his job feeds his family.

He tries to suppress all thoughts that encourage him to leave the company. As he repress these thoughts, his internal guiding system understands his situation and it sends out an emotional signal. He feels tired, weary and depressed.

In his waking world, he thinks of his duties in the office and what to eat for dinner later on. But on a deeper level, this person is thinking of his lack of promotion and his low salary. At one point, he begins to wonder why he feels extremely depressed.

He tries to ignore it and it doesn’t do him any good. The emotions linger and he feels extremely drained. He doesn’t want to confront his emotions because deep down, he knows where this form of self-questioning will lead. This person is stuck in a vicious cycle and if he receives no help, he will stay in this weary loop for a very long time.

So, if you find yourself in this story and you feel like this person and you want to change something in your life, maybe you need a good mentor/coach for helping you to breakthrough your thinkig to accomplish the best in your life.

Remember, everything is possible if you believe and take action.

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