7 Spiritual Ways To Making Money

  1. CARRY A $100 BILL IN YOUR POCKET (You will start thinking about money more).

2. GIVING A DOLLAR AWAY EVERY DAY (Take one dollar, give it somewhere and somebody will find it and will be happy to find it).

3. ASKING FOR HELP HIGHER POWER (GOD) AND PRAY (Pray to God to help you fixt the problem).

4. SCRIPT OUT HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTRACT MONEY (How would you feel if you get $100.000).

5. CREATE A VISION BOARD – TREASURE MAP (Creating the life you would like to have).

6. TAKE A BREAK AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO (Go shopping, go walking, go to the movie,…).

7. PROSPEROUS PURCHASING (If you see something what you love and you want to buy even if price is high, Buy it, Do it, buy it to reward yourself).


  1. GIVE MONEY AWAY (Donate it and make someone happy)
  2. GET CLEAR (Belief cleansing proces)
  3. TAKE ACTION (The Universe like speed, Money like speed)
  4. SUPPORT A CAUSE (Believe it)
  5. GET SUPPORT (Get someone to mentoring you)
  6. BEING GRATEFUL (The most amazing and powerful practice)
  7. DO WHAT YOU LOVE (Follow your heart and soul)
  8. ELEVATE YOUR THINKING (To understand that money can come to you from unexpected, different ways).
  9. PROBLEMS CREATE OPPORTUNITIES (don’t stop when problem comes, this is opportunity to success)




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Thinking Out of the Box

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