Coaching and Consulting

Personal Coaching and Consulting with Monik Lonel

Personal coaching, consulting, or mentoring is a popular way to join together with a professional who supports you in your unique life path and situations. All coaches and consultants have their specialties and own ways for teaching and mentoring. You must connect with a coach or consultant with whom you feel a resonance and positive energy. Either you feel it or you do not, but better than you do. Friends and family can make suggestions, try to help you and encourage you, but only you know what works for you. And a lot of time someone who is not your family or friend can help you more successfully.

Those who were work with me are intelligent, eager to move forward, willing to learn, seeking personal coaching to accelerate their personal development, health, growth, and happiness. Many are extremely successful, wanting to accomplish the next goal or improve what already does. Others feel something is missing that prevents them from living joyously even though they have achieved a lot. People know that I’m the proper personal coach/consultant for them without being convinced. And the results are amazing.

I work with all kinds of people, from managers, consultants, coaches, trainers, professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, and others who find their way to me. I intend to provide empowering interactions that are successful, deep, and positive change. If you feel resonate with what you read here, and if you need help with your career or your personal life, you will be inspired by working with me.

I believe that together, we can create the relationship that works best for you.

Monik’s basic beliefs and commitments

I have my style of working, my beliefs and professional practice in personal coaching partnerships. Here are my personal beliefs and professional practice and I commit to following them.

· The Session Time is Just For You and only you.
· Personal Coaching/Consulting is a Partnership (we both must work).
· Your Wisdom is Within You and Spirit support you.
· Listening is Key because Without this results may vary.
· Understanding is Essential; Agreement is Optional.
· Intention is the Basis for Your Actions.
· Personal Development is Fun, amazing and very powerful.
· I Believe in Your Magnificence and You.
· An Energy Connects Us All.
· Our Work is 100% Confidential and Private (your information is safe with us)
· Your Readiness and Commitment to Yourself
· You Must Believe in Results, because We Will Do The Best.


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The courses and trainings go into a lot more depth and have specific techniques. 

Consulting and coaching are usually done via the Internet (mail, skype or other).

We talk about your wishes, goals, and problems and solutions. Because everyone is unique I did for every person individual plan where I use techniques, strategies and tips which will help you.

The person requesting the consultation provides information for me about the nature of the consultation, i.e., a description of a problem, of a concern.


Weight LossRelaxation
Stop SmokingMotivation
Self EsteemInsecurity
Positive AttitudeLove
Forgiveness Phobias RelationshipsHealing
Career ChangeConfidence
AngerAreas you may
wish to improve

Please fill out this form to make appointment and to find out everything about sessions.

Please fell free to contact me to see what will work for you.


The Stepping Stone

The law of attraction has been described as the doorway, the key to unlocking life’s full potential, and the essence that animates the whole universe. The law of attraction has also been called the primal source of power – the very foundation of societies and civilizations past. Now, one would think that if this law was so powerful that everyone else would know of it. Some people were able to discover and utilize it centuries ago – but through the progressive, rationalistic evolution of humans though this particular stepping stone was lost. The law of attraction is capable of giving you:

  • A truly happy, content life
  • Perfect health (or as close to perfect as possible)
  • The ability to achieve whatever you want in life
  • The ability to become who you wish to become in this life
  • The ability to manifest both small successes and big successes – without limitations
  • All the success that you want (it doesn’t matter if the success you want lies in personal relationships, in your finances, etc.)
  • The ability to overcome present and future obstacles/hindrances in life
  • The ability to manifest miracles in your daily life
  • The ability to manifest healing in every aspect of your existence – not just physical healing but also spiritual healing
  • The infinite source of individual wisdom and internal steering/guidance that every person needs to survive in hard times and succeed in more positive, opportune times.



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1 thought on “Coaching and Consulting

  1. Amazing coaching!
    Thank you Monik for helping me to make a Breakthrough in my life!🔥✨❤
    In This 6 months with you my life completely changed, to a better, much better!
    Thank you from all of my ❤ Monik!
    Laura F.


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